Code of Conduct

Please be aware that any breaches in the code of conduct may result in your programme being terminated without compensation.

We request that:

  • Listen to and follow all instructions, advice and requests of your Volunteer Coordinator. If anything is unclear, ask them to repeat it for you.
  • At all times obey all the rules of the Dell Cheetah Centre.
  • Endeavour to maintain a positive mental attitude throughout your programme.
  • Abide by all the rules of the project staff and act as a conscientious member of the programme team.
  • Work hard to achieve not only your own personal goals but also those of the Dell Cheetah Centre.
  • Inform your Volunteer Coordinator if you are at any time unable to fulfil the duties to which you have committed.
  • Please note that our internet provider notifies the management of the project when people are downloading porn. If you are caught, it will terminate your stay at the project immediately.
  • Treat with care all of the materials and equipment that you will use in the course of your placement, whether it be in the kitchen where the food for the animals is prepared, or in the main kitchen in the house.
  • Respect and seek to understand the culture of South Africa. You must be tolerant to varying approaches of local people and be respectful and sensitive of local customs.
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity.
  • Dress appropriately with regards to the culture you are living in. We do not have a specific dress-code.  Seasons determine what we wear, but in summer, please cover up!  
  • Be aware of potentially different attitudes towards sexual relationships in South Africa, and the effect that any such relationship may have on the individual and the local community. You must also be aware of the extreme danger of the HIV virus and take all suitable precautions.
  • Realise that the Dell Cheetah Centre has a zero tolerance policy towards possession and use of illegal substances. If you are found in possession, or under the influence of such substances you will have your programme stay terminated with immediate effect and without compensation.
  • Follow the Dell Cheetah Centre’s rules regarding the consumption of alcohol, and accept that absolutely no alcohol may be consumed during work hours.
  • Not engage in political demonstrations or illegal activities.
  • Respect local customs and abide by the Dell Cheetah Centre’s rules regarding your accommodation.
  • Be aware and accept that overnight visitors are not allowed.
  • Keep your accommodation clean and tidy and be respectful of it, paying for any damages you may cause.
  • Not smoke inside any accommodation or buildings and you must ensure you dispose of all cigarettes in the appropriate manner, as there is a very great risk of fire.
  • Be understanding of the opinions, beliefs and actions of your fellow volunteers, the staff and visitors and you must not show any discrimination based on gender, age, sexual preferences, political or religious beliefs, personal appearance or race.
  • Take full responsibility for anything that happens in your free time. The Dell Cheetah Centre will not be held responsible for any thing you do in your free time, or whilst you are under the influence of alcohol.

Indemnity Form

Please read this form thoroughly and sign it to indicate that you understand the risks inherent to you volunteering at the Dell Cheetah Centre. You will not be permitted to participate in any activities until we have received your form, signed and dated.

  • I accept and understand the nature of a wildlife reserve and predator breeding facility.
  • I agree to abide fully by all the rules of the Dell Cheetah Centre.
  • I agree to accept full responsibility for my own actions and undertake not to interfere with any wild animals at any stage.
  • I accept that if I break the rules I will be issued with a written warning, and if I continue to break the rules I will be removed from the programme with immediate effect and expected to cover the cost of removing myself from the premises and returning home myself.
  • I understand and accept that any research I gather, compile and/or analyze and any work I may do whilst at the Dell Cheetah Centre, or for the Centre, remains the property of the Centre in its entirety and that I may make no claim on it, either now or in the future.
  • I and my dependants, assigns, or business associates agree to hold harmless, bring no claims for liability, compensation or damages against the Dell Cheetah Centre, it’s staff, agents, operators, helpers, guides or any other member, for any accident, loss injury, illness or death arriving in whatever manner.
  • I agree to allow all photographs or images (either moving or still) taken of me during my time as a volunteer at the Dell Cheetah Centre to be used by the Centre for advertising and marketing purposes if they so require.
  • I also understand that the Dell Cheetah Centre is a non-profit organisation, and I will not use any photographs or images (either moving or still) that I take to make money in any way.