Active Hands-On helping

Are you interested in volunteering at the Dell Cheetah Centre and helping us save the cheetah?

Our volunteer programme is designed to introduce you to the fascinating wildlife which Africa has to offer as well as the incredible cheetah, and to work closely in all aspects of reserve management. Once a month we take our volunteers on a trip to Kruger National Park, (optional) which is home to the "Big 5", where you can see the best of Africa's wildlife in its natural habitat.


Observation and Data- Collection


As we are situated in The Vredefort Dome, A world Heritage site we would like to do even more for the conservation of our naturally occurring species.

A number of wildlife species are fortunately still free roaming in our area including the Brown Hyena. Hyaena brunnea. With our new research programme we would like to have a greater understanding of what it takes for humans and wildlife to co- exist.


Included in this new experience:

(Though not limited to)

  • Research
  • Data collection
  • Parasite Collection/ Prevention
  • Day/ Night field exercises
  • Assistance in immobilization
  • Tracking
  • Community Outreach
  • Ethology
  • DNA
  • Camera Trap Data
  • Routine medical assessment



Support the Dell Cheetah Centre financially

The Dell Cheetah Centre is a small non-profit organisation which hugely relies on donations. You can support us by making a one-time, or even regular donations.

  • ZAR500 (≈ 37€ / 40$) would provide a weeks food for one of the cheetahs.
  • ZAR150 (≈11€ / 12$) would support feeding a small cat (serval or caracal) for a whole week.
  • ZAR80 (≈ 6€ / 7$) would help feeding one of the smallest animals.

If you are ready for a bigger commitment

If you want to donate larger sums or want to make regular donations of more than 3500ZAR (250€ / $280), your name or the name of your company will be represented on our Wall of Sponsors at the Centre and on the Website. (of course you can opt-out of that, then your contribution will be listed anonymously). These mentions will be listed for at least one year for everyone to see!


Support the Dell Cheetah Centre with equipment

Your company produces products for animals or you supply building materials or fencing and have off-cuts or left over tiles/cement etc? 

Please contact us!



• Pliers/wire cutters/shearers
• Towels
• Duvets and blankets
• Baby wipes
• Heat pads – reptile – for babies
• Baby or animal fleeces
• Sponges and dishcloths
• Flannels or facecloths
• Nail polish to paint names on animal bowls – lots of bright colors!!!
• Toys for the animals – rope toys, balls, teddies etc
• A4 paper/ paper/ note pads
• Black pens
• General office supplies, including permanent markers, whiteboard markers, highlighters, post-it notes, color paper and board, plastic envelopes, laminating pouches, file dividers.
• Sharp sturdy scissors and butcher knives – for meat preparation
• Plastic gloves for meat preparation (disposable or rubber)
• Tupperware – for meat storage
• Gardening tools
• Surgical grade animal clippers (for our animal first aid kit)
• First Aid supplies (for humans and animals) – plasters, dressings (all sizes and types),
povidine-iodine ointment, Antiseptic ointment or liquid, gauze, bandages (all sizes and
types), syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, vet wrap.
• Powerful rechargeable torches for night time observations
• Predator powder
• Frontline XL dog
• Bravecto chewable
• Sedabarb
• Esbilac milk supplement
• Taurine powder
• Quantel tablets
• VIRKON- cleaning powder- we use this everywhere!!!
• Sunlight dishwashing liquid (or generic)
• Washing powder and fabric softener-for baby blankets and towels


‘ We pride our selves in being extremely open with our guests and volunteers, these items are forever in need. Any help or contributions will be much appreciated.
Thank you for supporting The Dell Cheetah Centre.’