General Notes About Days Off



Ensure that your insurance policy covers you for any activity you choose to do on your day off! The DCC does not cover any cost/insurance/etc. should you get hurt.

  • We want you to make the most of your time here in South Africa so we have provided you with some suggestions of acitivites that you may wish to experience during your time here.
  • You will be given one day off per week (except the week of the Kruger trip or/and when you arrive at the centre over a weekend the first wednessday will not be an off day).
  • Sunday afternoons are designed to give you some free time to relax, read a book, go down to the river etc, they are not suppose to be another day off in which to do an activity which involves a staff member having to transport you around (it provides a small amount of free time for them too).
  • We endeavour to give all volunteers the same day off so that you can share travelling costs and experiences. 
  • As we are in a remote area, please bare in mind that we need to charge fuel money to cover costs for transporting you to and from activities. The fuel costs provided cover the total cost of the trip, so the more volunteers that go, the cheaper the fuel costs become per volunteer. (Please note that the prices quoted is for 4 and more volunteers and if there is less it will be subject to change)
  • It is up to the volunteers to negotiate where they wish to go on days off. 
  • Consider the location of activites eg. if people want to do more than one activity in one day or if volunteers wish to do different activites on the same day, then this must be feasible for the driver. 
  • You do not have to do any activities on your day off if you do not want to; you are more than welcome to just relax at Vaal Rock if you wish. However due to time constraints and staff commitments it will not be possible for you to go and spend time with the cheetahs on your dat off. 
  • We will always endeavour to take you where you wish to go on a day off, but please bare in mind that this is Africa and things do not always go according to plan. Vehicle problems and fires etc may affect our ability to take you to your first choice activity, please try to be understanding and patient about this.
  • The prices provided are subject to change.


Enjoy a day out in town!

  • Have lunch and a outing to our local town, wondering the streets full of arts and crafts, restaurants and antique shops
  • Website:
  • Fuel Cost: ZAR50 per person
  • Travel time: 20 minutes

Skydive Parys

  • Experiance a thrilling tandem skydive over the breathtaking scenery of the Parys dome area
  • Website:
  • Activity cost: ZAR2,400
  • Fuel Cost : ZAR50 per person
  • Travel time: 15 minutes

Depending on the flight route, you can see the Dell Cheetah Centre from the sky!

Sunwa River Lodge

Lots of fun for everyone!

  • Multiple activities: River Rafting, Paintball, Quad-Biking...
  • Website:
  • Activity cost: ZAR350 - ZAR650
  • Fuel Cost: ZAR50 per person
  • Travel time: 30 minutes

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Gentle ride in the sky

  • Activity cost: ZAR2,100
  • Fuel Cost: ZAR50 per person
  • Travel time: 30 minutes

Dome Zip Line

Soaring over the ground

  • Activity cost: ZAR350
  • Fuel cost per person: ZAR50
  • Travel time: 30 minutes

Parys River Spa

Lory Park Zoo

Animal park

  • Website:
  • Activity cost: ZAR90 per person
  • Fuel Cost: R250 per person
  • Travel time: 2 hours
  • Tea Garden available


Bush Babies

Monkey Sanctuary

  • Website:
  • Activity cost: ZAR275 per person
  • Fuel Cost: ZAR250 per person
  • Travel time: 2hours plus
  • Coffee shop available
  • Can be combined with Elephant Sanctuary tour (Check pricing)

Elephant Sanctuary

  • Website:
  • Activity cost:
    • Elephant Interaction Program: ZAR695 per person
    • Elephant Back Riding (Optional Add-on): ZAR495 per person
  • Fuel Cost: ZAR250 per person
  • Travel time:  2 hours
  • Can be combined with Bush Baby tour (Check pricing)

Chameleon Village

Craft Market

Sterkfontein Caves / Maropeng

Cradle of mankind... world heritage site since 1999

  • Website:
  • Activity cost:
    • Maronpeg: ZAR160 per person
    • Sterkfontein Caves: ZAR195 per person
    • Combination Ticket: ZAR215 per person
  • Fuel Cost: ZAR250 per person
  • Travel time: 2 hours