Volunteering at The Dell Cheetah Centre

When you think about volunteering, you never really know what to expect. we hope this short introduction will provide you with all the information you need.

The volunteer programme at the Dell Cheetah Centre has been running since July 2008 and is a unique experience which allows you to get up close and personal with our cheetahs, whilst learning about the African wildlife and the importance of conservation in the 21st century. The maximum number of volunteers is limited to 8.

You will find the programme interesting, challenging, fun and rewarding, and the more you put into the experience the more you will gain from it. Your role as a volunteer is vital in allowing us to continue with our breeding and reintroduction work, and the vast majority of the volunteering fee is put straight back into the project. The rest of it is used to cover your board and lodging costs.

You will be working with the cheetahs on a day-to-day basis; feeding them, cleaning their enclosures, monitoring them and exercising them. If there are cubs during your stay you will spend a great deal of time working with them too, once they are over the age of three months. (please note: This is enrichment, and should not be confused with 'petting'.)


                                         Exciting news!!!

New activities and a wonderful experience when you volunteer at The Dell Cheetah Centre!


Work with not only one of the endangered species of South Africa but TWO!

The Dell Cheetah Centre has and will always remain dedicated to the conservation of The African Cheetah, though we are not stopping there.


As we Are situated in The Vredefort Crater, A world Heritage site we would like to do even more to ensure that both the animals and humans can co-exist.

A number of wildlife is fortunately still free roaming in our area including the Brown Hyena. Hyaena brunnea


Included in this new experience:

(Though not limited to)


Data collection

Parasite Collection/ Prevention

Day/ Night field exercises

Assistance in immobilization


Community Outreach



Camera Trap Data

Routine medical assessment






  • Volunteers should be aged between 18 and 55 years old and physically and mentally healthy.
  • A good level of fitness is required as certain chores are to be carried out in trying weather or involve substantial effort, such as heavy lifting.
  • Considering the wide range of nationalities represented within the programme, the project language is Standard English and Volunteers’ spoken and written levels must be sufficient to communicate with staff members and fellow Volunteers.
  • Finally, Volunteers are expected to be fully involved in any activities of the programme.

Arrival and departure

The Dell Cheetah Centre is open from 2 January to 15 December.

  • Arrival dates: 1st and 15th of each month (no arrival on 15 December, and arrival on 2 January)
  • Pick-up Location: Johannesburg OR Tambo airport
  • Pick-up time: 12pm
    Your flight should land by 10am at the latest to give you time to go through Immigration and Customs.
  • Departure dates: 15th and 29th of each month (no departure on 29 December)
  • Departure time from the Dell Cheetah Centre: 10am
    Your flight should depart no earlier than 6pm to give you time to go check in, go through Security and Immigration.
  • Dropped off Location: Johannesburg OR Tambo airport

Volunteers should book their flight and accommodation in accordance. Any transfer between the airport and the Dell Cheetah Centre caused by a late arrival or an anticipated departure should be made at your own expenses. 

Volunteers will be given a full induction by a staff member on their arrival and will be provided with a Dell Cheetah Centre shirt, which has to be worn when working with the public and when representing the Centre outside the premises.

Location and climate

The Dell Cheetah Centre is located in the FreeState Province,approximately 120 km south of Johannesburg. Parys, which was originally named after the capital of France, is the nearest town, about 15-min drive away (www.parys.co.za).
The Centre lies within the buffer zone of the Vredefort Dome Impact Site, where a meteorite the size of Table Mountain hit Earth approximately 2 billion years ago.  The project is based on a farm bordered by the Vaal River, which is the largest tributary of the Orange River in South Africa. It is 1120 km in length, and its name comes from the word "drab" or "dull" due to its brown colour. 

Summer months, October to March, are hot with frequent thunderstorms. We recommend lightweight (cottons and linens), short-sleeved clothes and a waterproof jacket. Winter, April to September, is very cold and dry. Temperatures can reach -7˚C at night and frost is quite common early morning. We recommend packing lots of warm clothes. You can find an indicative climate chart in the Pre-departure pack.

Accommodation And Meals

Farm Vaal Rock

The Volunteers house is a traditional house with a thatched roof, which is situated in the heart of the centre and is surrounded by the cheetahs’ enclosures. The house has been specifically refitted to provide Volunteers with a good level of comfort. It consists of:

  • 2 dormitory rooms with 4 beds each
    Bed linen is provided and washed once a week. Although efforts are made to ensure that rooms are shared on a single sex basis, this cannot be guaranteed. Couples may have to share a room with other volunteers or be split up depending on the numbers of Volunteers at the time.
  • 2 bathrooms with one shower each
    Hot and cold water available. Towels are provided and washed once a week.
  • A kitchen equipped with an electric stove and a microwave
  • A dining room
  • A lounge/TV room
  • An office

The house is cleaned on a daily basis. However, it is the Volunteers' duty to keep it tidy.

Meals and drinking water



Breakfast is served from 9 am. A cooked breakfast is prepared on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; Volunteers can choose among a variety of toasts, eggs, cooked vegetables and meats. On other weekdays, porridge, cereals, breads and fruits are served.


Lunch is served from 12:30 pm. Lunch consists of a cooked dish on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and cold spread, including meat, cheese, bread and salad on other weekdays. Volunteers are responsible for preparing breakfast and lunch for the rest of the group on Saturdays and Sundays. The housekeeping staff will do the washing up from breakfast and lunch on weekdays.


Dinner is a communal affair. Volunteers get together and cook a meal from a range of ingredients provided by the Project.

Any allergies or dietary requirements should be notified as soon as possible, so that the necessary arrangements can be made if possible.
The house has a borehole, which provides clean, fresh drinking water. Tea, coffee and squash are also provided.


The housekeeping and maintenance staff works on weekdays from 7:30 am to 04:00 pm. The Centre Managers live on the premises.

Internet and telephone access

The Dell Cheetah Centre has mobile phone reception. South African pay-as-go SIM card for your mobile or cell phone can be purchased at the airport or in Parys (please ensure your phone has been unlocked and will accept other SIM cards). We recommend Vodacom for the best coverage. 
Wi-Fi access is available throughout the house and can be purchased for ZAR100 per week. Internet can also be accessed on the desktop. 


Volunteers are provided with a laundry basket in their room. The housekeeping staff does laundry on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Volunteers who wish to do their own laundry will have to hand wash it.

Grocery shopping and Volunteers' shopping

A staff member does the grocery shopping for the Project approximately twice a week.
Due to the pretty remote location of the farm, Volunteers do not have daily access to town. However, a trip to Parys is scheduled every Monday so you can buy "luxury" food items (candies, biscuits, soft drinks...) or toiletries which are not considered as part as the normal supply. Town trips are charged ZAR50 per person.

Local amenities and medical facilities

Basic amenities such as cash machine, bank, post office, pharmacy, supermarket, restaurant can be found in Parys. However, please note that there is no currency exchange, therefore South African Rands should be purchased prior to your stay.
There is a doctor's surgery in town, and an excellent trauma centre in Vanderbijlpark, approximately 50 minutes away.

Daily duties

Any duty is always carried out under the necessary supervision and assistance of a staff member.

Working week begins on Monday morning and terminates on Sunday midday. Starting and finishing time varies depending on the season. You can find an example of weekly schedule by clicking here. However please do be aware that things can change very quickly and that an emergency will take precedence on other activities.
Volunteers get Sunday afternoons off as well as another full day per week (except the week of the Kruger trip), which is on a rotational basis. Volunteers can relax at Vaal Rock or chose to visit one of the activities listed here (at an additional charge). Please note that the cost of transport will have to be taken into account as most of them are about an hour and a half’s drive away. Sunday afternoon is a time to relax at Vaal Rock and spend some time by the river.

Pre-breakfast session

A typical working day starts early morning by feeding the animals and cleaning their enclosures, i.e. collecting their faeces or other organic waste and washing out and refilling all water bowls. 

Mid-morning session

Mid-morning session is dedicated to heavy tasks such as:

  • Enclosure Maintenance and Improvement: cleaning/maintenance of the animals shelters, maintenance of fencing, pruning trees and bushes, environmental enrichment
  • Road and Reserve Maintenance: Rock and litter removal, alien Invasive plant species removal.
  • Meat quartering: Removing the meat from the bones, cutting it into chunks or grinding it up, weighting portions and pack them in the freezer. Meat preparation replaces all activities of the day.
  • Cheetah Kitchen cleaning.
  • Visitor Centre cleaning and maintenance.

Animal Time

Animal time is for both you and the animals, again this should not be confused with 'petting'. As our animals are in captivity it is required that they be constantly stimulated. Many forms of enrichment are used at the centre, Though we believe in a hands off approach we still like to make sure the animals are content. Reading, Talking and even the occassional singing beside the fence is a form of enrichment.

Feeding time

Day usually ends preparing and serving the cheetahs and the smaller cats' meal. 

Programme rates

The cost of the project depends on the length of your stay and the optional participation in the Kruger trip. Please email cheetah(xmsAt)parys(xmsDot)co(xmsDot)za stating the dates that your are interested in and if you wish to join the Kruger trip. We will get back to you with a pricing and the General Terms and Conditions as soon as possible.

For any stay shorter than 4 weeks, the Kruger Trip is only available if the arrival date is on the 15th of the month.

The quoted prices include:

  • Accommodation at Vaal Rock
  • Three meals per day
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Return transfers from OR Tambo airport

And does not include:

  • Flights
  • Visa fees (variable depending on nationality)
  • Personal expenses such as souvenirs, drinks, gifts, snacks...
  • Pre-programme accommodation (if required)


Current Specials and Pricing.

All flight prices are and estimate taken off www.skyscanner.net and are subject to change.

Updated 03/01/2018

*Total* is a estimated calculation of both flights and accommodation.


2 Week Stay 2018

 1st July- 15 July                                                         15th July- 29th July
Direct Flight  LHR- JNB                                             Direct Flight LHR-JNB
R10 592                                                                        R12 384
Total- R21 692                                                            Total- R23 484
1 Stop Flight LHR-DXB-JNB                                     1 Stop Flight LHR-FCO-JNB
R 8752                                                                          R9456
Total- R19 852                                                            Total- R20 556   
3 Week Stay 2018
1st July-22nd July                                                     15th July- 5th July
Direct Flight LHR-JNB                                              Direct Flight LHR-JNB
R10 592                                                                       R12 384
Total-  R 27 243                                                         Total-  R 29 035   
1 Stop Flight LHR-DXB-JNB                                    1 Stop Flight LHR-FCO-JNB
R8752                                                                          R9456
Total- R25 403                                                          Total- R 26 107     
4 Week Stay * 3 FREE NIGHTS* 2018
1st July- 1st Aug                                                      15th July- 15th Aug
Direct Flight LHR-JNB                                             Direct Flight LHR-JNB
R10 768                                                                     R12 384
Total- R 32 968                                                         Total- R 34 584   
1 Stop Flight LHR-DXB-JNB                                   1 Stop Flight LHR-FCO-JNB
R8752                                                                        R10 032
Total- R30 952                                                         Total- R 32 232


General Booking Terms and Conditions

Provisional Bookings

Provisional bookings will be held for 14 days and will automatically be released where no deposit or cancellation is received.
Provisional bookings made within 14 days of the programme start date will be held for 48 hours and then released if no written or telephone confirmation is received.


A minimum 50% deposit is required within the 14 days following the booking in order to confirm your place on the programme, with final payment due 8 weeks prior to the programme start date.
For booking made within 14 days of the programme start date, the total amount is due within 72 hours. 
All bank charges are the responsibility of the Volunteer. Please make sure the correct amount will arrive in our bank account or you will be liable for the balance upon arrival on the project.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your travel arrangements at any time. To do this you must advise in writing to cheetah(xmsAt)parys(xmsDot)co(xmsDot)za. Once your deposit is received into our account our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • 30+ days prior to programme start date - full refund (less bank charges);
  • 15-30 days prior to programme start date - full refund less 50% of the programme fee (your deposit). This money may be transferred to a later booking within one calendar year;
  • Less than 15 days prior to programme start date - no refund.

Once you are on the programme, should you decide to end your stay before it is due, there will be no refunds. We highly recommend that you take out full insurance at the time of booking, which should then, in most cases, include cancellation refunds.

Kruger trip

Once per month (second fortnight), a 4-day trip to the Kruger National Park, which is home to the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo), is organised. Volunteers are taken by a staff member in a Project vehicle to observe Africa's wildlife in its natural habitat. They also have the opportunity to visit Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre (www.moholoholo.co.za).

The trip is included for 4-week stays and optional for shorter stays. However, please note that for any stay shorter than 4 weeks, the Kruger Trip is only available for arrival on the 15th of the month. Volunteers will be driven to Parys before the trip to purchase supplies such as biscuits, soft drinks...

Are included in the Programme fees:

  • Transport: return journey + full day game drives
  • Accommodation: 3 nights in rondavels or permanent tents
  • Guided visit of Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre
  • Breakfast and dinner: ZAR160 allocated per day

Legal documents

As part of contractual terms, Volunteers are required to date and sign the Code of Conduct and the Indemnity form when they arrive at the centre, before they can engage in any activity. You can find both documents clicking here.